Bigger Is Better

Not too many would argue against the phrase “bigger is better” – right? 

In this case, as you may have been following, I’m talking about a car. An SUV if you will.

So far, the Pathfinder is roomy enough for the kids, they each have their own space. We don’t have a dog, but we’d be ok there, too… Luggage, now that may present a problem. Thinking we’ll get some duffle bags instead of our airplane friendly wheely totes purchased for Ireland. And maybe a Thule roof carrier, too (it does have a trailer hitch, not ready for that just quite yet.)

That gave us an idea…

Now, we are thinking of the off roading places we can now go. As if we weren’t “suburban enough” with a mini van, we are now “rural friendly” – or maybe just “4 wheel drive on the beach friendly”!?! From New England, to Brigantine Beach (why walk two blocks toting stuff when you can drive 2 miles and bring it all to the waters edge?) or, down south to Key West? Yes, maybe we will go there, but on a plane, with our smaller, lightweight, easy on and easy off the jetway luggage.

It wasn’t in the plan… 

But for now, I love it and yes, bigger is better – plus, it’s safer, mechanically sound, hugs the road pretty nicely and has some kid friendly features. See you on the road!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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