Marketing vs. Communications

There is a world of differences when you compare marketing vs. communications.

Marketing is impacted by the quality of the communication, the messaging and what you want to say, vs. what is interpreted when you say it.

Anyone can be effective at communications (or not) but that doesn’t mean they are marketing anything.

The gap in between is what you, as a professional in the industry, have to focus on more than anything else.

  • Try testing your materials
  • Have other people read them and tell you what they think they mean
  • Read it again and again in-house before you publish it
  • Ask customers what resonates with them
  • Keep it fresh and up to date
  • Change it up
  • Use local terminology – do they even know what the gap is?

The longer I look at this industry, and the two sides of the equation, I think that there is a clear winner in the fight of marketing vs. communications and it is all dependent on the quality of the latter.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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