Collective Experience

Both education and business rely in the collective experience of others to be successful. 

In education it is learning and reinterpreting concepts, following experiments, proofs and research – constantly building upon those who went before us. It is refined, corrected and translated from the genius (whether real or accidental) into smaller, easier to understand and easier to digest bits of information.

It is essentially the same in business although there are many moving parts to each area of expertise.  While a small business may be successful with just one leader, producer and dirty job do-er (a sole proprietor does it all,) as the organization grows, you have to be able to separate the tasks into smaller roles. Each are important in their own right, and without separation, without independent responsibilities, the organization won’t be able to grow to its fullest potential.

Add into this, the collective experience of your customers: your students and your clients… And then, you have a whole – one that is much more able to succeed than one without that unique perspective.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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