More The Merrier

The more the merrier is usually reserved for family gatherings…at least hopefully this is the case.

We – my family and my husband – always want as many people to join us as we can possibly fit. We have a huge table and can make it bigger with yet another large leaf.

The kids can be set up on an adjacent table. Aka “The Kids Table” which – as a child – you either hated or loved, but it was what it was.  In recent situations, they were given the table in the kitchen, set on top of a tile floor, much simpler to clean up after spills. It was just easier that way.

Also, that way, the adults get the couch, far more comfortable than kitchen ladder back chairs, a coffee table filled with endless snacks, crudités and assorted cheese…with music playing in the background, or (and far more likely) a movie on the big screen television. (Um, monitor.)

Red wine spilled by adults in the living room is at least going to be cleaned up by an adult and without any grumbling…maybe just a bit of embarrassment. Having a red carpet helps save on the reminder years later from stains you just couldn’t remove. (Never mind, we always remember, we just may be too magnanimous to bring it up; besides we have replaced that one since then.)

It could only be better if we had an entire terrace, and the house was located in Tuscany…and, of course, that everyone could make the trip.

Since that isn’t the case (for us anyway) the plans are probably already forming in your mind.

  • Who will come if invited?
  • Who will come even if not invited?
  • Who will be able to come after making every adjustment that they can to be there?
  • Who will help you fit the entire crew in the space you have?
  • And if I might ask again…Why can’t we own a vineyard in Tuscany and have everyone join us there?

At the end of the planning, at the end of the party, at the end of the day…I hope that you can still know, deep in your heart that you mean what you say when you utter – the more the merrier. Come one, come all. See you in November – if not before. In fact, hopefully, much earlier than then. Yes, please do come visit. I know we can make room for you at the table.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl



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