Brands and products that go together. Co-brands… Coke and Sprite, right?

Nope. Not here.

Coke, and Sierra Mist.



Bizarre mixed contracts. That’s what I think based on my experience¬†as a buyer. Of course things have changed in ten plus years…or have they?

In air, they offered us 3 Coca Cola products, the Pepsi core non colas, ginger ale, Sierra Mist and wait. A fence straggler…Dr. Pepper???

I do remember not being “beholden” to one or the other, with free (ahem, not free in reality at the end of the total cost analysis) perks instead of rebates or discounts; which usually included equipment, PM support and tons of their branded advertising and marketing materials.

We made our choices.

Picked our brands.

Went with the overall best they could offer.

In spite of pissing off Philly fans of the much loved Pepsi…we did away with it. At least on fountain beverages. Bottle and can have at it.

Maybe things have changed, but it was certainly shocker to hear a mismatch of co-brands when some one asked for a Sprite and was offered a Sierra Mist. Those two just don’t, quite, “go together.” Then again, at dinner, the said no to all and made their own. I am sure it was all natural flavors, real cane sugar and super chilled soda mix, too. An experience that is rarely matched…not matter how big the brand is, they just can’t (or won’t) do that any more. Unless, there’s still hope.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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