Birthdays 101

As an adult, it is often difficult for me to remember, way back when… when I was a kid and didn’t know ANYTHING. So for the gadzillionth time, I have asked one of my kids to fill out a card. For their friend. Oops! She is still not quite getting it even though we have gone over Birthdays 101 in terms of card and gift giving a few times.

Just in case, here it is in a summary for future reference. Maybe next time I will just log in and share this with them.

  • The top of the inside right should say “Dear so and so” or “Hey best friends name” or just their name.
  • Write legibly. (Maybe should have started with that; but I think it goes without saying even though I just wrote it anyway.)
  • The date is a good idea, but is optional especially if it is a card that has the birthday number on it. The recipient presumably already knows that they were 10 when in 2015 if they were born in 2005 and anyone who is 50 doesn’t perhaps want to be reminded that they were born in 1965; they are well aware of that number.
  • Sign below the inside sentiment that is pre-printed on the card. Under the phrasing on the right side. Not the left.
  • If there is no pre-printed sentiment, make something up. Be sincere. Be creative, clever, funny or sentimental if the mood fits the recipient. If you can’t be any of those, then definitely chose to be sincere at the very least. “Happy Birthday” works, too.
  • Sign your name, you can write “From ________ and your name” or “Love and your name”.
  • Writing “Dear so and so” kind of lends to the “Love signature closing”. While you may not actually be in love with them, you probably want to make sure that you sign it “Love _______ (your name)” especially for your mom, dad or grandparent. They always deserve your love. Siblings could get that too, but maybe not until you are older. Your call…
  • It isn’t usually a good idea to write what you got them on the inside of the card, unless it is “the gift” or it is being shipped to them and you want to be sure they know it is from you. Typically, people open the card first; then the wrapped present.

Ok, so that is it for this edition of Birthdays 101 – we can cover gift selection at another time in more detail, but I’ll leave you with this. My recommendation is never buy your spouse an appliance that you need for “the household chores” anyway. No replacement vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf mulchers etc.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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