Happy To…

Today, and every day for the last two weeks (okay, maybe one of them not-so-much) I am happy to…

  • fill the soap containers (because we still have hand soap.)
  • empty the dishwasher early in the morning (so everyone puts dirty dishes in there instead of the sink.)
  • eat a banana (actually, that just started today.)
  • have my family safe and near me at all times (at least since Sat 3/14/20, before that it was just four of us since 3/12/20.)
  • be able to work across the desk from my husband (who just started working out of the home in February, after being “in the home office” with me for the last five years.)
  • eat dinner with my kids (or, lunch – at least one meal a day together as a whole group.)
  • be able to joke and laugh and smile (in spite of the craziness that is happening in our world today.)
  • have “grown” mostly independent kids (who can feed themselves and take “shhhh, I am on a conference call” seriously and turn down whatever it is they’re doing.)
  • to be available to my clients, and my little business community, and my friends (for an ear to listen, for an idea that might help, or a funny story shared.)

I could go on and on – because overall – in spite of this, I am happy to say that we are luckier than some who don’t have these things in their life, now or ever. Certainly, in spite of this all, it is better than how it was in 2018.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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