Change Is Hard

Change is hard

Anytime something is different or goes contrary to plan, there are things that have to be adjusted, or you have to adjust.

  • An event might be pushed back a day.
  • A hotel room might not be ready when promised.
  • A favorite parking spot is taken.
  • Your prefered brand is out of stock.
  • Friend’s kids get sick and can’t make the party.
  • Someone else ordered what you wanted for lunch, so you changed your order but didn’t like what you got as much.
  • The game is washed out, the field too muddy to play.
  • Power went out and the show was cancelled…

Everyone has their own way of dealing with things, but even though change is hard, patience is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Sometimes the reason life changes is because of things you can’t control – like the weather and there is nothing you can’t do about that.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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