Carved In Stone

There is not much, that is more permanent, than words being carved in stone.

Those Masons. Whew, man, they were something else. They could take, what an even average or mediocre writer, may have wanted to say and then, they created something of majesty.

Of course, writing is a skill, but today, easier than ever to do – prolifically – even if not that great. Or, even what people want to read. But, they do. And they respect it.

  • Now.
  • Therefore.
  • In eternal rest.

They say, what happens online stays online and that is true – but what you can find, out in the middle of an open field, on a wall 35 feet tall. Exposed to wind, and rain and all sorts of other hazards (people and pollution mostly – though this isn’t a rant on that so we will save that for another day), but still standing nonetheless.

For example, this one, which we saw today.

“And here, in this place of sacrifice in this vale of humiliation in this valley of the shadow of that death, out of which the life of America rose regenerate and free…let us believe with an abiding faith that to them union will seem as dear and liberty as sweet, and progress as glorious as they were to our fathers – and are to you and me – and that the institutions which have made us happy, preserved by the virtue of our children, shall bless the remotest generation of the time to come.”

~ Henry Armitt Brown, Valley Forge National Park, National Memorial Arch (interior south wall)

These words, carved in stone, here, for all to read…are quite another story. One worth learning about, and sharing with others. Of course, then again, there are those simply penned on parchment but we believe in these, too, or else there would have been absolutely no reason or occasion to have carved the others.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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