Nothing Is Still A Lot

Chatting with someone, lamenting that we didn’t actually “go away” for spring break. They reminded me today that nothing is still a lot.

For them, they know… they are changing jobs and taking a break in between starting the new one.

While either of these scenarios may seem like a bunch of free time, it really isn’t that much.

  • Clean the garage
  • Plant spring flowers
  • Do some yard clean up, landscaping or even hardscaping
  • Get a hair cut
  • Do your taxes
  • Spend time with family
  • Organize the stuff your parents and your kids left behind
  • Watch the young ones in the family, whether they are grandchildren, nieces/nephews or cousins
  • See some local historic sites
  • Care for a loved one
  • Volunteer at a non-profit
  • Go out for lunch
  • Read a book or two, or three (maybe?)
  • Make dinner (oh and still make breakfast and lunch, too – just like when working)
  • Take time to do nothing

Not going away for vacation, or not working full time for a bit is actually a common experience. You can still fill your days with nothing is still a lot of something and it takes a lot of time.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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