Can’t Be Sure

Ever been in one of those situations when you can’t be sure you know the answer?

No? (Me either. LOL).

I mean, for example…(just for funsies.)

  • Such as one of those mathematical answers or a scientific principle that has been proven – for that, you could easily look it up.
  • Or, one of those family dates either, where all you have to do is look inside of your ring or check the birth certificate.
  • No. it isn’t one of those, who wrote this book, or directed that movie – again, there is a factual place to find that information.

Pick your search tool of choice.

It is when the answer is an opinion, or a feeling, maybe even a thought…that is when you may have a different answer depending on the time of day, when you ate last or how you are feeling in this moment.

Plus, are we not able to change our minds? I have always said that it is anyone’s prerogative to be able to change their mind (not just women…why do we get all of that control?)

Search inside your mind, be pensive, think it through…before you answer. But, if you can’t be sure, say so. Most often the person asking will be okay with a “for now” answer. If they’re not, well then, are you sure you want to be answering their questions?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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