C is for Chicago

C is for Chicago… Unless it is for Cleveland, or Cornell or…oh, I don’t know a hundred other tourist destinations, cities and colleges.

Just a minor font and color change can mean an entirely different brand, team, city, or college. 

Years ago, as I alluded to yesterday, I traveled to Chi-town for a conference. We had dinner at the top of the Hancock Center, toured the city, saw Wrigley field (it was well past post-season) and bought souvenirs…including a Cubs baseball hat and baseball for our daughter. Every city where we went in our travels, I bought a baseball to add to her collection, thinking that one day, maybe, she’d play.

When she was old enough, after tossing the ball to her and practicing pitching and hitting through her toddler years, we sent her to Phillies camp.  It rained the entire week. She hated it. Slowly, then all at once, she abandoned her baseball career dreams. 

We had thought she’d play forever…become the first female MLB player.

I have no doubt that parents of little kids everywhere are reinspired of the performace through the Cubs’ season, pre and post and their ultimate win of the World Series. May they dream big, play often and practice, practice, practice. 

Today she knows that above all others – C is for Chicago and the Cubs. oh, right. C is also for Congratulations. You’ve earned it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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