Bring Us Together

The things that bring us together can be, by far, the greatest parts of our lives – even if they are not the most perfect, amazing or fun aspects of living life.

  • Family.
  • Early childhood friendships.
  • College.
  • Work colleagues.
  • Parents from your children’s pre-K and elementary schools.
  • Your local community.
  • Those who are treated by the same doctor, chiropractor, therapist, specialist or oncologist.
  • Groups working together to change the future.

All of these times and places in our lives – whether they are local (or not), aligned politically (or not), matched in education (or not), similar in socioeconomic status (or not), religion, sexual orientation and age (or…not) – impact who we are.

What we become as we grow, mature and continue to develop is truly what bring us together, time and time again to celebrate life and everything that truly matters. More.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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