Blue Skies and Rainbows

Life, I believe, should be blue skies and rainbows.

I know, optimistic and unrealistic, right? Furthermore, what does this have to do with business? With marketing?

Well, it does because it is life and how we go about our days…living in the world.

Even in the most undeveloped countries without big Madison Avenue marketing agencies, you have to convince someone to do something…to trade, to share, to be a part of it. Life.

As humans on this planet, we all know that life isn’t always great.

Even for the youngest kids who have barely known heartache and difficulties…still, their troubles are the biggest they have ever known. We can’t tell them, “it’s okay, it’s no big deal.”

To them it is humongous. It is the biggest thing they have had to deal with, ever.

Even though there will be trouble, dark days and difficulties – in our lives, in our careers, in our businesses – we should aspire to see our lives in the most positive way…every day.

I also think (hey, it’s my blog…) that we should have rainy days for funerals. We wear black and somber colors, for a reason. We are sad. We cry. It is these days that make us look back with joy, happiness and laughter as we share personal and poignant memories. Little girls giggling…

Even when it can’t be blue skies and rainbows; there is always tomorrow.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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