Big Shoes To Fill

On days like this the people who help strangers, neighbors and of course, loved ones are revered.  Indeed, they leave big shoes to fill. When they come inside, they should be greeted with warmth and maybe even cookies, cake, pie (it is “pi day” after all) or even sandwiches.

Whatever it is that they like should be given freely, happily and with our most humble thanks.

No one likes to go out and shovel the icy snow. No one likes to tell someone they need to do something unpleasant. No one likes to be cold and overheated from exertion at the same time.

Yet, parents do this all the time.

It is those people who lead by example and leave big shoes to fill for those who come after them.  You don’t have to invent something, or discover an infinitely magic number – sometimes you just have to do what others don’t have the ability or the stamina to do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Photo Cred: Nicole Flynn

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