Bad At One Thing

If you are bad at one thing, and only one thing, you are probably set. Be happy, you will probably be very successful.

For the rest of the world, it depends on what it is that you struggle with doing.

  • If you make sunglasses, and they are not dark enough to block out the bright sun, then, you will probably fail.
  • If you bake cakes, and you can only bake one a day, you may be amazing at the cake baking, but you may not be able to enjoy a good living from your craft.
  • If you design parking lots, but no one can find their way in, or out, or get anywhere near their destination, you may want to consider something else.
  • If you are a doctor but you can’t help people solve what ails them, you might want to think about your communication skills or the reasons why they come to you for help – maybe it is in your marketing pitch.

Everyone can be bad at one thing, or two or even 100 things. However, if there are at least a few things at which you are fabulous; those are the things that you should probably choose to do. Everyone is good at something, you just have to figure it out…and hopefully, like doing it a lot. Then, find out the best way to tell them what you do and find your success.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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