Scary Ride

Today, I pulled up to the bank and surprised the teller at the drive thru – I never stopped to think for one minute that my Hybrid sedan would be considered a scary ride – but it sure scared her.

Normally, I would think the things that scare you in the public, and not-so-public, transportation arena would be:

  • the cabbies
  • city bus drivers
  • the school buses
  • Uber/Lyft drivers
  • the train conductor who overshoot the turn off (on purpose?) – I think that is still out for trial…

Or, what about the fright-fest, roller-coaster, going from 0 to 67 in 2.2 seconds?

Or, how about the touchy-brakes on the 30-year old, beater car you drove in college all the way from home back to school in a thunderstorm with fall leaves on the ground?

Or…oh, and the drive from Atlanta to Hilton Head, at night, in October…just to save $600 in airfare for your late season, beach vacation?

Yes – all of those things –  and today, a new one added to the list; my save-the-environment grey, nondescript gas-electric hybrid became the scary ride. (Whatever you say lady; I think I have to beg to differ.) All those other things have more potential to scare the pants off of you. Trust me.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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