Ask For Feedback

We should all ask for feedback on the work we provide, the products we make and the services we offer…but, it doesn’t stop there.

We have to respond to it, too.

On Social Media it is the easiest place to reply…

  • “Gee, thanks for your insight.”
  • “Wow, we think so too! Thanks for saying so.”
  • “Oh, so sorry, that’s a bummer, let’s chat – please call or send us a way to contact you.”

Writing a letter, an e-mail or even a text (best to do in the same order that is relevant to the way they contacted you) is another way to get back to the customer and let them know you heard what they said…

…and, you are ready to do something about it. If you can’t (for whatever reason) you should tell them that. It may be out of your capability today, it may be prohibited by local laws or it may be doing something that goes against your vision for the company.

Engaging the customer sometimes means taking a risk, asking what they think and being honest with them and getting back to them.

We can always ask for feedback from our kids, too…but, we may want to offer them options. Otherwise, they might just shoot for the moon and ask to go out for dinner when you were thinking of making something from scratch, or maybe going so far as to order Chinese food for take out.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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