Antique Chic

People go out of their way to find antique chic… when all they need to do is be younger than the others in the family.

For generations, families have passed down their treasured belongings and allowed the new, young adults to get their fresh start. You may have to wait, you may have to clean up a bit, you may have to move it yourself (as in, with help from your family) but you will be able to count on it.

Every single item is solid, durable, made from real wood, hand carved in some cases and while not ever mistaken for trendy, or modern, it has a certain flair to it.

  • Any color you add to the room will go with it.
  • Any accessory you chose will blend.
  • Any scuffs you bring to the table just add to its charm.
  • Any one who knows you will know that you are loved.

There are people who pay an arm and a leg for antique chic and yet, here it is, ready for you whenever you raise your hand.  You just have to say please, and thank you – I am so lucky that I can I have it!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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