Birthday Cake Is Essential

Birthday cake is essential, because when you have a birthday:

  • it isn’t the same unless someone sings.
  • it should be celebrated.
  • it should (obviously) involve cake.
  • it would be amazing if the cake was chocolate.
  • it would be better if the cake was vanilla – in the event that you don’t like chocolate.
  • it wouldn’t be the same if you had to skip it.

What if you didn’t get a chance to see other people who know it is your birthday?

Or, if there weren’t quite enough people to totally justify cake? I mean, how many do you need? A minion, a plethora, a group, a family, a couple – or just one birthday girl?  If it didn’t feel like there was enough, then it would be okay to wait… because, no matter when you celebrate, birthday cake is essential.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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