Every day there is so much anticipation for the next big thing…this week, it is Thanksgiving.

  • Then, the shopping-ist day of the year for many.
  • Then, the weekends of seek and find, looking for the perfect gift.
  • Then, the parties to be enjoyed and the people to see, the places to go.
  • Then, the long awaited eve of Christmas.
  • Then, New Year’s Eve and Day…and next year 2018.

We have to decide to enjoy the moment…if we don’t, it will be over before we know it.

Remember what it was like yesterday and a week ago, a month ago…last summer. Think about the anticipation of what we wanted our summer to be like, our vacation and lamenting the thought of back to school. We all had thoughts of what fall would be…and never for a moment thought that we’d be sad to see the leaves fall. Changing all too quickly from red and burnt umber to crispy, brown crunchy twigs. We are though; sad…at least a little bit though aren’t we? Take a moment, relax, look up, look down and just enjoy today.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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