Double Booked

What do you do when you are double booked for events, meetings, performances and celebrations during the holiday season?

  • Do you try to go to both (or all) places and just spend a short amount of time at each?
  • Do you choose the one closest to home?
  • Do you pick the one with the better food and beverages?
  • Do you join the one with family and friends – or friends over family because you will be able to see family again and again during the season?
  • Do you just throw your hands in the air and stay home?
  • Do you randomly¬†pick, using your favorite childhood “choosing” rhyme, to help you feel less guilty?
  • Do you play Rochambeau – and if so, do you play against the people you were scheduled to meet, or have a spouse or co-worker be the other player?

It is easy to get lost in the moment, caught up in the excitement of having a fabulous place to be, until, days later you realize you are double booked and you aren’t at all capable of being in both places at once.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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