Bring Everyone To The Party

When there is a real reason to celebrate, you should bring everyone to the party. All your friends, all of your acquaintances, all of your colleagues and all of your family ❤️ (of course.)

Why not invite everyone?

Everyone should be a part of a celebration even if they didn’t know that something was happening. Or, why it was happening, or if it is still happening. Or, what it is that is going on.

  • 1 year…that’s a good habit.
  • 2 years…that’s consistent.
  • 3 years…that’s a trend.
  • 4 years…that’s amazing.
  • 5 years…that’s an incredible goal.*

I think I will be able to get there.

I have far surpassed the 10,000 hours of doing something…or have I? (I actually haven’t tracked time in hours, but I have tracked it by the passage of time in days and in number of posts.) So, am I an expert? No. Am I good at it? Some people think so…most importantly, I think so.

Sometimes, your own opinion – of what you do – is the most important opinion. Trust yourself.

It has been 4 years that I have been posting this blog – daily – give or take a few hours here and there. If I am allowed to take that liberty, posting after 12 “local time”, it was before midnight in the States.  Even when it was just after midnight in Europe, my home base was still in the “target day” time zone. Then, some of those west coast trips, well, it was before midnight PST – but far after on the east coast. I think it averages out…right? Right.

The content, while consistently available, has had it’s hits and misses. I have to be honest with myself. I need inspiration. I want to have a reason to write about something. I want it to be meaningful. Sometimes there just isn’t something really wonderful to say, or maybe I just didn’t give it enough time to percolate and bubble up into the best ideas.

Also, I just am not sure the exact tone I want to take each and every day.

The theme is literally, my personal and professional “take on marketing and life” – or life and marketing – the order probably doesn’t matter. From my view, marketing is an important part of our daily lives. From the way that we interact with each other, with our kids, with our family, with our spouses/significant others, with our co-workers, with our clients, with our colleagues, and our world.

Daily experiences are varied; thus this content, is too.

You may find something you like. You may not. Hopefully you come back to see if there is some connection. Some, small little bit that gives you inspiration. Gives you pause. Gives you the ability to see something differently.

We are (or should be) always marketing ourselves, our work, our kids, our family, our friends… we want other people to take notice of them, of what we believe, of what is important and of what matters.


So, I ask you, my loyal reader, follower, friend, family member – if you were doing this every day for four years – wouldn’t you want to bring everyone to the party? If I can be so bold, as to ask you to share with others who can join me…join us.  Just 365 more days to go for the next major milestone.  We might actually – physically – have a party. When that happens you can be sure that there will be some thing sparkling, or sparkly, or bubbly and it will be happy. I hope you are enjoying the read.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS * Everyone should have at least one goal. This is just one of mine.

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