Embarrassed and Injured

Why is it even when something happens, completely by accident, we are embarrassed…and injured at the same time.

Sometimes, the embarrassment is even worse than the pain. Few people want to be the center of attention. Those who do, I am not talking about you…so, you probably won’t understand. The rest of you (us) why do we feel that way?

  • It wasn’t on purpose.
  • It wasn’t our fault.
  • It wasn’t something we could have prevented.
  • It wasn’t to get attention (see above…)
  • It wasn’t part of a plan.
  • It wasn’t the way we wanted to spend our day.

Yet, even with the ones around us who love us the most (hopefully) we may still shy away from the attention.

  • We hit our head – maybe we are too tall for that car (or we don’t know it well enough, yet.)
  • We were in a hurry and tripped UP the steps.
  • We tripped on the sidewalk that got pushed up by the tree roots, but was covered in wet leaves and we didn’t see it.
  • We dropped an entire case of water on the floor, and it landed on our foot before it burst open showering the entire area.
  • We got hit by someone who didn’t stay stopped a STOP sign, because they thought you had one, too (but you didn’t.)
  • We slammed our hand in the door, because your friend (the driver) was doing you a favor picking you up on the way and it was not entirely on their way.

I do think it is worse when you are embarrassed and injured, because you aren’t sure what to deal with first. The pain or the attention you don’t want. Physical wounds sometimes heal faster than the emotional ones, but maybe we should give ourselves some slack. Trust in the truth that the people around us want to help. There is nothing to be worried, shamed or embarrassed about by something that happened by accident, by nature, by a weird twist of fate, or even, just because you are a klutz. If they love you…they love you the way you are and they want to help even if just a hug might make it better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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