About Hat Girl Marketing

Hat Girl Marketing was created when I started to think about small and local businesses whose owners never have enough time to manage marketing efforts. As a small business owner, you wear many hats. Some fit and some don’t. If you are not enjoying doing something – find someone who does. Doing something badly is not helpful to you or to your business development.

For me, accounting and bookkeeping are not pleasant. I can only think about those topics for a few minutes before I start to get a headache – not a real one – but the kind that distracts you and takes your focus off of the topic and the task. When that happens, I need to do something else a bit more creative and fun. This helps make up for doing something I don’t like to do.

Branding, image and design – those things are all so much more fun for me to do!

I enjoy them. Do you?

How did I get here? and I mean to the world of Marketing? Believe it or not (and if you know me personally, you already know…) it was a bizarre but FUNdamentally strategic path stemming from project management and a background (and a degree) in engineering – one of the MOST creative ones there happens to be – Architectural Engineering. BS from Drexel. Seriously.

After much deliberation, and a few mis-pronounced versions of my company name, I decided that Hat Girl was more about me than my business and for now, Hat Girl Marketing is going to be a supplement, a bonus by some accounts and definitely a bit more casual than DMA-Marketing.

Welcome to Hat Girl’s world and I hope you learn something. I also hope you enjoy reading.

All my very best… Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS I DO look good in hats. It’s not an opinion, it’s empirically proven.

1 thought on “About Hat Girl Marketing”

  1. you found blogs, cool. You might like the blog I created for work things (now that I am retired) so when I put on my work hat I know where to post – WhirCat.


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