You’ve Got Us

You and your brand – whether it is a retailer, a restaurant or a service provider – has done a great job…in every way possible. Now, you’ve got us:

  • committed
  • drooling for more
  • addicted
  • in the know
  • following your every post (or tweet)

Let’s face it, we are either in love with you (not literally), or it’s a serious girl crush (probably more likely).

Now, the tough question is: “How are you going to keep us?”

  • Don’t compromise.
  • Don’t quit being superb.
  • Don’t change your model.
  • Don’t send us e-mail/messages/texts that make it look like you don’t know who we are or what we like about you.
  • Don’t try to make us visit you every single day if your product, food, or service isn’t an “every day” purchase…
    • even with a coupon – especially when it is not applicable until we spend three times what we spent before.

So, sure, you’ve got us, what will you do now?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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