Sure Go Ahead

You know you want to do it, so sure, go ahead

  • get a donut.
  • have a second cup of coffee (with or without the pastry.)
  • sleep late.
  • go to bed early.
  • get the side of bread.
  • ask for a second type of dressing if you don’t like the first one.
  • opt for heated seats.
  • choose the sun roof.
  • get the larger television.
  • add on to the house, at least a mud room and one more closet.
  • buy the typewriter, even if you just use it to show the kids what they have now is so much better.
  • replace the laptop.
  • get away for a weekend.
  • stay a day longer than you think might be needed.
  • stay up late watching another episode of your favorite binge-worthy comedy.
  • add one more sing-out-loud song to your play list.
  • buy the tickets to see that band you missed in college.
  • choose to see a show, even if you don’t like musicals, the ballet or the comedian, just because your spouse likes them.

It is perhaps frivolous, and make you think twice. It may even be unnecessary – they love you regardless – but, you know it will be worth it in the end.

Be sure, go ahead. Trust yourself. Don’t hold back. You only live once in a lifetime and lamenting the little things is not even close to being worthwhile.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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