You Win Some

You win some…and like San Francisco 49ers, you lose some.

Often the win is outside of your control. You have a team, and you are all contributing to the win or the loss. If one player makes a mistake, the entire team has to make up for it, or if they can’t will all suffer the consequences.

The owner, even though she or he is not the coach, nor are they carrying the ball down the field, thus, they also have a limited amount of say in the matter. They can pay more, guide more, ask for more, even fire the coach and force a trade of a player.

Yet, on any given day of the week (Sunday or not) the game is full of chance.

Football is even more unpredictable than something with straight up statistical predictability, like tossing two dice. The fact remains that human beings, equipment, field conditions and a whole lot of psychological factors go into the outcome and no one can predict accurately without a bit of luck.

Even knowing this risk, there are a lot of people bet on the game. They bet on the odds that their favorite team will win, or lose; by how much and in what quarter.

Heck, they even bet on the coin toss. (Really?)

What if they had taken a time out just around 2 minutes before the end of the first half? What if they hadn’t deferred the coin toss choice? What if Kansas City hadn’t elected to receive the ball?

No one will ever know, but many will debate on this and their theories will affect future game odds.

All of that aside, it isn’t just football where you win some, there are a lot of other times, both in sports and in life when you lose some, too. Still, at the end of the game, you do kind of feel bad for the players, the coach and even the owner who didn’t have a chance of being able to do anything to change the score.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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