You Get Sticky Fingers

What happens when you make caramel apples? What definitely happens when you have the kids help you…make caramel apples? You get sticky fingers.

A small price to pay, right?

  • It is worth the mess.
  • It is worth the hassle.
  • It is worth explaining the difference and benefits of using waxed paper, aluminum foil, a plastic tray or parchment paper.
  • It is worth the large amounts of caramel and toppings that they eat in the process.
  • It is worth learning the proper process to skewer the apple so that the wooden stick doesn’t come right out.
  • It is worth (helping) them figuring out that the caramel has to be a certain temperature to stick to the apple.
  • It is worth establishing a process that works for lefties and righties, short kids and and adults.
  • It is worth seeing the the littlest being helped by the older ones.

It wouldn’t be the same if you just went out and bought the finished product…of course, you get sticky fingers when you eat a caramel apple, but it is so much more satisfying to know that yours were the ones that made these beautiful, fall, delicious treats.  Teach them how to do it. It will TOTALLY be worth it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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