You Can’t Wish It

Just reading the industry news about one of the brands that is trying something new…but, just because one thing was successful, you can’t wish it were so for another.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News (and no other news outlet so far) Noodles & Company has been so happy with their customers’ appreciation and love of zoodles, aka zucchini noodles, that they have created Caulifloodles. That said, I could not find it on their menu, nor do they have the name trademarked. Also, it was not easy to find on an internet search without being related to this fast-casual brand.

We have (probably) all seen rice made of cauliflower, and I was once duped into ordering a cauliflower steak…thinking it was something entirely different than a 1 inch slab of the entire head of this pale cruciferous veg.

What can I say, it was Restaurant Week and it was on the prix fixe menu. It seemed like a good idea and there was no way I could have eaten all 5 courses if it had included a real 14 ounce steak.

So, I applaud them for their creativity, pushing the envelope and trying to keep it fresh for their vegetarian and gluten free diners. That right there isn’t easy…and becomes a magnitude more difficult to serve those who have also decided to eliminate the dairy from their diet.

I will try to remember to check in on this in the fall and see how it is performing, in case you want to know.

My advice to those so inclined to reach fame and notoriety for food crazes; sometimes you can create a win, but other times you can’t wish it were popular if you decide to start with an ingredient such as cauliflower. That my friends will not get you to being recognized as the inventor of the next, big thing* – even if you can photograph it beautifully.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Someone else already created *dairy free ice cream from avocados and it is really delicious.

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