If You Wait Long Enough

If you wait long enough, most things that you dream will happen…actually, will happen.

As a kid, we dream of when we are older, able to:

  • stay up late (as late as we wanted)
  • go out on our own
  • drive ourselves
  • stop going to (middle/high) school
  • do what we want to do at any moment

Then, college (wow – you made it!)

Which was quickly followed by student loans, paying for your own health insurance, rent and getting a job.

But still, we dreamed about:

  • having a career (not just a job)
  • getting married to the perfect person (he is)
  • buying a house
  • going on fabulous vacations
  • having kids
  • taking them on adventures and teaching them everything we know

Sometimes even, just the smallest little wish, is worth having. Like, getting to the weekend and well, would you look at that, it is already Friday!

For those who have gone through life, or suffered some great tragedy – they live in the moment. They know, first hand, to appreciate what you have now.

“Every moment is worth experiencing and living fully.”

The problem is, that even though we hear this, even when we see it, we might even understand what they are saying; we can’t live that way.

We are dreamers.

We still wish and we still believe if you wait long enough, work hard enough, find the perfect job/person/house, have the best holiday getaway, or fill-in-the-blank ________ we will get what we believe we can have. So, we will keep reaching, wishing, hoping, living every day and looking forward to tomorrow, dreaming with anticipation for what is next.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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