You Can Teach

If you are patient enough, try hard enough, learn a subject well enough, you can teach…pretty much anything, to anyone.

From math, even the “new” math to science and reading, taking the time to break it down for someone of any age so they can apply it to longer, more complicated and thought provoking text.

Consider leadership, how to follow when needed or how to write thank you notes (and why it is so important.)

You might need a little bit of experience to get there with empathy, but eventually, we all come around.

Plus, since you are already patient enough to have learned a subject well enough to teach… you can share that with others, too. Some things take time and I am not thinking about risotto, but while that certainly does take a lot of time, there are many other things. Things that are worth focusing on long enough to get through the frustrating moments and coming out the other side with a sense of peace, calm and acceptance.

If you try enough, you can teach yourself these things, too. You just need to look for the right resources to help you get there. So, while not entirely alone, you don’t have to do what Isaac Newton did so that all of us could understand gravity beyond the apple falling on his head story. Plus, there are many around you who will help you learn, if you just ask and then you will be ready to go.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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