Learn About Your Options

Learn about your options when you can’t go where you went before. It is certainly expected, and acceptable, but still sad when your favorite:

  • Jeweler,
  • Contractor,
  • Photographer,
  • Restaurant,
  • Dry cleaner,
  • Bagel shop,
  • Tailor or seamstress,
  • Coffee Shop,
  • Mechanic,
  • Orthodontist,
  • Barber or hair dresser,
  • Massage therapist,
  • Boutique,
  • Shoe store,

Owner, decides to retire.

Hopefully, they can pass it on to their children (or grandchildren…) but if not, maybe they have the opportunity to sell to someone who will try to fill their shoes.

I know it seems odd, but when the known business is no longer “in business” you have to learn about your options and often you don’t have much notice. There are a lot of trades that seem to be fading away, or at least the generation after generation of ownership, following in that same trade is fading. There is hope…as long as the current owner can train the new one, you might have a fighting chance of being able to hire a person even if not “the” person, you trust.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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