You Are Free To Go

Yes, darlings, you are free to go, wherever you want to go.

  • Once you are 18.
  • Once you earn your spending money.
  • Once you prove you can make adult decisions.
  • Once you finish all of your classes and homework.
  • Once you show us you understand the responsibilities of your actions.

We can’t hold them back; they are adult, grown children. They live “on ther own” 9 to 10 months out of the year, typically. Even though they are not 100% independent, they are old enough to know better.

Plus,they are cute. Just like the otter – you know the one. In Denis Leary’s skit?

Anyway, kids, you are free to go. Just please, be careful, wear a mask, stay aware of your surroundings, make good choices…and, above all, come back safe (and healthy.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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