It’s Their Decision

When it comes to choosing something, this or that, like returning to campus this fall, it’s their decision.

Or, is it?

  • Are they adults?
  • Is it even an option?
  • Is it a good idea?
  • Who is paying for it (the consequences)?
  • If they don’t, will it just delay the inevitable?

While we do (still) live in a free country, there are a lot of things (aside from this particularly difficult issue) that you shouldn’t, might not want to, or can’t do.

At least recommend that they carefully plan, think, weigh options, make a pro/con list and also, ask for advice.

Even though “technically” it’s their decision, dependent adult children can use all the support you can offer them. Guide them. Listen to them. Understand their why. Help them make good choices. Feel comfortable with the final choice and know that you can always wait or change the plan later.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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