Yep They’re Tourists

See those people over there, walking around looking at everything and taking pictures of seemingly nothing…yep they’re tourists.




Yes, there may be old buildings, historic sights and famous landmarks to see where you live now, but when you go on vacation, all of it is new.

When “locals” see tourists…they are either thankful that they are there, or annoyed by the way they randomly stop and snap pics.

Be awe inspired.

Some of them, however are quite literally awe inspired that people want to come to visit where they live, work and play. Maybe, think about this the next time you watch someone stop, in the middle of the block, in your town and look at the sign on the building.

Circa 1692.

Erected in 1745.

Built in 1851.

Renovated and repurposed twenty years ago…yep they’re tourists and they care, so please share the details with them – they want to know. They will share how incredible it is…and maybe they will tell their friends.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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