Work Through The Holiday

There have been a lot of times when we have to work through the holiday – or the weekend prior or after – and that, well it pretty much sucks.

There are times in the year when you just don’t have a choice.

  • The client needs you.
  • The business needs you.
  • The customers want to shop, eat, drink coffee.
  • There are deadlines that must be maintained, turn-arounds to complete, projects to finish, milestones that can’t be missed.

Hopefully this is not your lot this year, and you don’t have to work through the holiday. Try, if you can, to take the day – or, work from home – even though it’s a weird Thursday holiday. At the very least here’s to hoping you can have one of the days this weeknd, Friday, Saturday or Sunday if you must absolutely work on the 4th.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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