We Leave Behind

Soon, in a matter of hours, we leave behind the month of June – with the start of a new month, on a new week.

We are halfway through the year.

Let that sink in a moment.


Don’t despair…

The summer has only just begun and for most of us, our vacation is still to be had. Swimming. Tanning. Bicycling. Kayaking. Hiking. Walking. Running (well, maybe not that.) Camping out – no, how about making a campfire.

Relaxing. Resting. Retiring early. Waking late.


We can only change what is yet to come and not what we haven’t done…As for yesterday, we leave behind only the time but the memories are still with us all. Hopefully, you are smiling and looking forward to the next half; don’t look back.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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