With Confidence

Tonight, It started to sink in as we count down to the last week before school and the final hours before we have to say good bye to summer. We tried to do some back to school shopping and had some success, but not everyone is ready. Maybe by the eve of the first day, we will have the new shoes, clothes and supplies on hand – ready for that moment when the kids walk into their new classroom for the first time and do so with confidence

Being able to stand on your own, facing the world is hard for many people. Kids, especially need all the help we can give them.  

Simply because of their age, they lack the life experience. Of course, it isn’t their fault…it is a fact of life as they’re still evolving, growing, getting comfortable in their own skin. Establishing how they walk, how they talk, and how they want to look. 

If only they could ignore the outside influence and be able to know that it is only their opinion that matters. 

Until then, I’ll help them refine their look; letting them pick out and try on what appeals to them. New jeans. A few new shirts. That funky blue pen that they really want – seriously, if that’s all it takes to go forth with confidence, I can give them that. I wish I could give them everything they’ll really need, but they have to find and acquire that on their own.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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