Talk About It

If you talk about it enough, does it come true?

There are a lot of places where you can read more about inspiration and goal setting than on this little blog of mine…but so many instances in my past have proven to me that this works.

Well, I mean, except for things like winning the lottery or learning to fly.

But, for the things that are humanly controllable and possible. Yes. I believe that this is true.

For people who have dreams and ideas just busting out of their minds on ways that they can become better, improving and changing lives – it is most definitely true.

True also, if we share our experiences it can help others. Sharing truths and what we have learned along the way that has helped us.

Yes. I am talking about it all.

The good, the bad and the ugly. Saying it out loud. With others. Where they can hear you. Talk to those who may not know as much, or have had the experience and the opportunity to know what you know.

The idea of talking about it doesn’t end with saying positive reinforcing statements…over and over and over again.

It’s about education and communication and sharing so that others can live better, work smarter, and have more success than they would have with out the discussion. We should listen to our grandparents, our parents, other parents with older children and even those with younger children…if you have not been there, they probably have some insight you could use tomorrow, next month or next year. Or, maybe not and it will just help them think through it so that they can make it work better for them in their lives.

So. What do you want to do? Or, what have you done that you know would help someone else? Why are you waiting to talk about it?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Maybe the sky IS the limit.

Maybe the sky IS the limit.

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