Will There Be Cake

In the eyes of my son, the best part of the idea of a wedding is the answer “Yes” to his “Ok, so I have to dress up, wear uncomfortable shoes, hug people I don’t know, smile while they tell me how tall I’ve gotten/how much I’ve grown…but, will there be cake?”

We spent the entire weekend, celebrating young love, a newly married couple and our expanding family.

Our children, who are not so small or young anymore, have many other things that they much rather would have done with their Saturday and Sunday – so late on Sunday, that it was already quite early morning Monday – than spend it at a family wedding.

That said. They had a great time. They always do.

They are seeing major life events, like weddings, differently as they age. Now, they listen to the music. They dance. They laugh at the jokes their family tell them and come back with witty – sometimes sarcastic – and intelligent comments or questions. They have conversations…with their elders and younger cousins, alike.

To be fair, to them of course, they have always been comfortable talking to adults. It’s just when it gets too personal that they may shy away from conversation…as we all tend to do when asked:

  • “When will you get a job?”
  • “When will you get your license?”
  • “When will you…????”

So, yes, while it was a moment of clarification, since the menu for the reception dinner did not say – specifically – “cake”. That was really just pleasant conversation. All weekend long, they were a part of the activities. Not just asking things like “will there be cake?”, because they were concerned about so much more and important things, too. They reiterated the vows from the ceremony. They asked how the bride and groom met. They even started to talk about what their wedding might be like…some day…and what type of cake they would serve.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Ok, maybe it was a lot about the cake. Who can blame them?

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