Hurry Up

Isnt it true that once you hit a milestone, that you start to think about – or the people around you start to ask – what’s next? What is all the pressure to do the next thing? Why is it always hurry up?

  • Get your license so you can get a job.
  • Get into college so you can learn all about your field of study.
  • Get your degree so you can start your career.
  • Get married so you can…

Hurry up and have kids. Wait. Stop. Take your time. Enjoy being good at one thing for a while, linger and learn more, savor the moment. Don’t let anyone, especially you, give you the idea (and the pressure that comes with it) that you should be moving onto the next big thing in your life. Take a breath, take a picture, make the moment last as long as it can.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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