Who’s Fault?

There are a number of things that can go wrong at any time on any given day. In some cases the problem could have been avoided by double checking one small thing. Taking 5 extra seconds, a minute or even 5 to review and verify one more time. When that doesn’t happen who’s fault is it when something does go wrong?

In this case it was an appointment that was listed as PM when in fact, it was supposed to be AM.

The scheduling was wrong. The card was clear. Even though it said one thing, the customer probably won’t question it and call to ask… “I have an appointment card that says PM, but I am not sure that it is – can you check?” and nor should they have to… You are the expert – it is your schedule – be clear and make sure that there doesn’t have to be a judgement as to who’s fault it is.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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