Whoops. Don’t you just love that word?

It obviously conveys that you made a mistake. But, it can soften it. Not a huge mistake. Just a little one. Tiny. Casual. Like forgetting to attach something (you said was attached) to an e-mail. Or, forgetting to pay a bill, but able to log in, online the day it is due, and pay it just under the wire before midnight. Maybe, perhaps, like inserting a card into an envelope that was addressed to another person – but catching it before you mailed it.

No big deal. Especially when you can fix it before anyone else knows.

Recall that message.

Log in now.

Fix it.

Then it is just a little whoops and maybe we will remember the next time it comes up. Then, no mistake. No foul. No harm. Just laugh.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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