White Glove Clean

Sticking with our little car them for the week, I thought I would just dwell a few moments on the white glove clean car that I used to have. As I’ve mentioned, I drive a minivan. That does not imply with 100% certainty that my car is a cluttered, disorganized and messy transportation device because, it isn’t. However, white gloves should stay away. There was a day, maybe even a month or three when it was. But then, it was all over. I miss it… sort of, but not really. I spend my time elsewhere, on things that I hold more dear.

Don’t get me wrong, I love when my car is clean. Mats, floors vacuumed, dust removed and ArmorAlled to the point where I can almost surf on the dashboard (if I could indeed do that, I am alas, too tall.)  Most often though, it has stuff in it. Empty (1/2 full actually) water bottles left in the well by my kids, leaves from the orchard, dust and maybe a little dirt from the farmer’s market, a receipt from the last car wash I drove through, a few coupons for free bagels or a free ChickFilA sandwich with purchase of medium beverage and large fries…receipts from Staples and books I am reading, loaning or borrowing. You name it and it could be there – but it doesn’t stay for long – it all has to go. I don’t ever get it all out. I am too busy finding new things to put into it, or just finding places to go, people to see, dinners to enjoy (cooking and eating!)

This car, it gets me (and everything I hold dear) where we have to go. I love the errand running, the client meetings, the family car trips to see friends/family, the business lunches and networking breakfasts. Cleaning it out does not, ever, mean white glove clean and it probably never will. I will leave that to those who relish in the car for it being, well, a car and a hobby.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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