Which Craft

As a child, I would have given pretty much anything to be able to create spells, make things appear out of thin air and to have been able to get my pen to write my homework. While I thought it would be the “coolest” to become a witch, it was the creative writing that inspired me to use my imagination. It may have helped me to choose which craft it would be that I would develop later. I don’t really know for sure.

There are so many things, so many events and certainly, so many people who helped shape me into who I am today.

For example, there was a book, no, I think it was a magazine (there were many editions) that I chose to buy through the monthly, teacher managed book sale. In the back of the book (I mean magazine) you could order magical things. Things that could help you perhaps, become more like a witch. Or, do better in school.

This was perfect I thought. I would become a real honest to goodness (helping not hurting) witch.

The cost – in my mind – was attainable. The items were non-monetized. Barter, I guess. Free as it were to the child who could mail 2 eyes of newt, 1 spider leg, and a shed snake skin. You also had to create a spell and explain how it would be used. How it would benefit you and other witches, too.

I concocted and created and wrote up my spells:

  • How to get to see my grandparents without driving all the way across the country.
  • How to get school to start later so I could sleep in.
  • Making it snow in May so we would have a late, end of year snow day.
  • Waving my wand and having the dishes do themselves…

Alas, I never could find all of those witchy items, so I didn’t become a witch. (Looking back a bit of a bummer, I could use some of those today…) but it is probably better off in the end. People (even today) don’t always see them in the light that they would like to be seen.

Flash forward, to today; I don’t often think about losing out on that opportunity. However, as I watch my daughter, I kind of have to smile a knowing smile when she gathers ingredients. You see, my daughter makes potions. No, I am not kidding.

I don’t think she wants to be a witch, even with all of the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books and movies the kids have seen.

What I think she is doing, is figuring out which craft it is that she may pursue as an adult; for her career. Perfume designer. Chemist. Pharmacist. Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Chef. She carefully chooses her ingredients, blending them together and creating something wonderful. Any of those professions use imagination, require precision and remembering how you did something once so that you are able to recreate it again and again; earning the respect, awe and admiration of your colleagues. I hope that my words, my ideas and my tales inspire you…my readers, followers, and friends. At least a little bit more than you were able the day before, to go and share your craft with the world…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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