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When that For Rent sign comes down and the new shop goes in… we will all go check out what’s new in the neighborhood. Hopefully, the owners can keep up with the needs, wants and desires of the community. Then, only then, will it work. It takes so much more today than it used to take to be successful. It can still be done, even if the odds may be against you.

For one, everything is fleeting. Nothing lasts longer than a moment in our minds. I sat down to write this blog several times today, but still, it is nearly 10PM and just getting around to it! It’s like Snapchat took over our brains and only if you took a screen shot can you remember it. (Of course, until “Google Mind” comes to fruition and then they just put the thinking cap on you and voila, all your memories and thoughts are there to be recalled. Can’t wait for that.)

Staying power takes creativity, being essential to daily (or weekly or monthly) needs, customer service, fair pricing, being open when you say you will be and telling people – as loud and as often as you can – what you do, why you do it and how you are better than anyone else. So, what’s new in the neighborhood? You are…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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