What You Need

When you don’t even know what you need, until it presents itself – you go looking.

  • Skunk removal.
  • Sewer back up.
  • Bio-hazard clean up.
  • Flies in the drain.
  • Asbestos abatement.
  • Bats in the … garage.

These are not things I have researched but once you learn about them, you wonder – does anyone actually think about these awful, terrible topics before they needed them? (Now you will. You’re welcome.)

Services are available for pretty much everything you might need…even though you hope you never do.

Okay, to be honest, of the entire list above, none of these are of importance except the first one.

We had a visit from skunks this evening.

Babies, thankfully. They are (maybe) living in our hedges. No harm though, they just cut short a relaxing visit from a friend on the porch.

And, yes, apparently (fortunately) there are professionals who will come and help take care of this for us – with no harm, whatsoever (don’t worry) to the wildlife – for a small but well earned fee.

I wish I didn’t need this, but I can tell you, what you need to find is most definitely (or hopefully) on the internet – even the mobile version – just in case you had doubts. Go there to look for it. That said, do yourself a favor…do not look until you need it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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