Disorganized On Purpose

What do you do to get people to buy as much stuff, impulsively in your store? You design it to be disorganized on purpose.

I am however, exhausted from walking through a big box retailer store, looking for the 3 things that were on my list.

Of course I bought 18 things…most items we did “need” but could have waited a few weeks before buying. Or, may have done without. We definitely wouldn’t have thought to put on the list.

So, while the concept design works in theory, a retail store being disorganized on purpose is frustrating. Since it took so much longer than it should have, I am likely not to go back there anytime soon. What is worse (for them) I will probably buy my next “needed” items online. Which is another notch in the belt of just ship it to me, BOPIS (buy online pickup in store) or, as I would rather say and do, BOPIP (buy online pickup in person). I am interested to hear what your thoughts on are this topic and how retail can save itself.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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