What Was That Thought?

Wait, what was that thought that I had this morning? It was a wonderful, amazing, brilliant idea. It was part of a dream. It was part of what I had to do today. It was part of what I had to do yesterday…

Then, I woke up all the way. Brushed my teeth, had a cup of coffee, brushed my teeth again and got ready for my Pilates session.  Stretching.  Unwinding. Laying back down again, I thought – maybe I wasn’t really all the way awake and I could sneak back to sleep for an hour.

Mmmmm. Sleep.

I had a dream last night. There was the clear blue water and there were artists in little pop up shops we saw them along the coastline while we were flying by in the helicopter.

I took video. Live Facebook video. Did you see it? We were going to go SCUBA diving and then have dinner on the beach with friends. It was so beautiful. What an amazing day.

No, wait, that was just a dream.

Oh, look – it snowed! Beautiful… Yet, in in many ways, in a very stark contrast to the dream.

  • Maybe there are just too many things going on in our heads?
  • Maybe we are not using the brain nearly enough to keep it focused when it matters?
  • Maybe we are (I am) getting to old to multi-task?
  • Maybe I am not getting enough sleep?
  • Maybe I am getting too much sleep?
  • Maybe I do too much in too short of a time?

Oh, look a spare 30 minutes. Let’s do this. Go!

Wait. What was that thought again? Nope – it’s gone. I am certain it will come back, but until then…I will think up a hundred other things.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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